Major Cramer Supporter: “Any Tariffs Are a Bad Idea”

One of Kevin Cramer’s top surrogates can see that tariffs would hurt the economy, so why doesn’t his candidate stand up for sensible trade policy?

(BISMARCK, ND) — As Kevin Cramer prepares to testify in the U.S. House of Representatives today on Chinese tariffs that could have a devastating impact on North Dakota’s ag economy and energy industry – it’s worth reminding: Not even one of Cramer’s biggest donors thinks these tariffs are a good idea – in fact, he flatly told CNN: “I think any tariffs are a bad idea.”

But since the day Cramer drew a line in the sand – saying voting against President Trump is akin to marital infidelity, and deleting a tweet in opposition to the tariffs he knows are a bad idea for North Dakota farmers and energy producers – he’s been towing the D.C. swamp’s party line ever since. Rather than stand up policies that would grow North Dakota’s economy, he’s chosen to put his own career first to the detriment of working families.

At today’s congressional panel, will Cramer finally listen to North Dakotans on tariffsor even his own campaign surrogates?

Highlights from a CNN interview show the CEO of Colorado-based oil company Canary, LLC Dan Eberhart saying the tariffs “give me pause” on his support for President Trump’s trade policies.

“Dan Eberhart is the canary in the coal mine for Kevin Cramer – when your one of your biggest supporters knows the tariffs are a bad idea, you might have a problem,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “Instead of putting North Dakotans first, Cramer’s chosen toxic trade policy that pushes North Dakota farmers, ranchers, and energy workers to the back of the line behind big-shot Washington insiders. Cramer’s whole campaign knows the Chinese tariffs would be a one-two punch that could sink North Dakota’s economy. But now the question is, will he finally do the right thing?”