Lacking Accomplishments, Kevin Cramer Doubles Down on Negative Campaign

Cramer Has Spent Six Years in Washington – Still Unable to Campaign on His Record

(BISMARCK, ND) — Kevin Cramer is borrowing a page from Mitch McConnell’s Washington, D.C. playbook and doubling down on his negative, nasty campaign. Today, Cramer launched his second attack ad on TV, in less than a month – showing his campaign’s desperation to distract from Cramer’s sleazy self-payments, do-nothing record and resounding support for policies that spell economic disaster for North Dakota.

“It’s no coincidence that after propping up policies that support a trade war, Kevin Cramer is desperate to change the subject,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the Democratic-NPL. “After six years of almost doubling his own net worth but delivering a do-nothing record to our state, he has no choice but to turn to attack ads North Dakotas are sick of. It’s telling that Kevin Cramer continues to look back at the past election rather than put forward a vision for North Dakota. Rather than run on his record, it’s clear Cramer is keenly aware of his paltry lack of accomplishments and is resorting to slinging mud from the gutter. Maybe if Kevin Cramer had spent more time working for North Dakota instead of himself and out-of-state billionaires his campaign wouldn’t be in such obvious distress.”

But this is no surprise coming from Cramer who says “negative ads work,” and on TV, has only run negative ads so far from his own campaign. And even though he previously said he would denounce inappropriate ads from outside groups, Cramer refused to do so when McConnell’s D.C. smear machines used dying Syrian children in an attack ad – which didn’t go over well with North Dakotans.

Meanwhile, Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been committed to running a positive campaign. Her TV ads have highlighted her tight-knit North Dakota family, record of working across the aisle, praise from GOP colleagues and willingness to work with the president to benefit North Dakota.