Kevin Cramer’s Health Care Record is Downright Spooky

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer’s health care record is scarier than this cheesy Halloween analogy.

🧛 Cramer voted to repeal the current health care law FIVE times without a replacement.

😱 Cramer voted for the AHCA and supports Graham-Cassidy and bills like ‘skinny repeal,’ all of which could:

Eliminate federal funding for Medicaid expansion, which has enabled 18,000 North Dakotans to obtain coverage

Allow insurance companies to charge more for pre-existing conditions coverage

Allow states to define essential health benefits to not include health conditions like asthma, cancer, or depression

Implement an ‘Age Tax’ on older North Dakotans ages 50-64

😈 Cramer supports the ill-advised partisan lawsuit that would strike down patient protections in the current law, including eliminating protections for pre-existing conditions.

👻 Cramer is so afraid of North Dakotans learning the truth about his health care record that his campaign threatened constituents with physical removal when they tried to attend a ‘Set the Record Straight’ press conference on his health care record.

🎃 Because it’s an election year, Cramer is lying about his health care record, trying to convince North Dakotans that he’ll protect their care, but here’s the truth: his record is downright dangerous and North Dakotans will hold him accountable.