Kevin Cramer Faces Open FEC Complaint and Accusations of Corruption as President Trump Visits Fargo

Crooked Kevin Cramer Misused Campaign Donations, Declines to Answer Specific Questions  

(BISMARCK, ND) — As Crooked Kevin Cramer (R-Harold Hamm) finally gets some much-desired attention from the president, it comes as he’s under fire for misusing campaign funds and faces and open FEC complaint. Yesterday, a Grand Forks attorney and candidate for Attorney General, David Thompson, filed the complaint against Crooked Cramer.

It’s not the first time Cramer has been criticized for misusing campaign donations – he’s paid himself and his family more than $375,000 from his campaign account, a practice ethics watchdogs called ‘morally kind of sticky.’ Additionally, as Public Service Commissioner, Cramer was slammed by a judge for taking campaign donations from industries he was supposed to regulate – calling Cramer’s actions “ill-advised, devoid of common sense, and raises legitimate questions as to the appearance of impropriety.”

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WDAY: “U.S. Representative Kevin Cramer is being accused of taking money out of his campaign funds for personal reasons.”

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Forum: AG candidate accuses Rep. Cramer of breaking campaign finance rules

  • David C. Thompson, a Grand Forks Democrat running for state attorney general, has again taken aim at Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., accusing him of “corruption,” specifically improper reimbursements to himself with his Senate campaign funds.

  • Thompson, an attorney by trade, said he’s been concerned about Cramer specifically since Cramer was on the state Public Service Commission, which regulates coal and other industries.

  • Cramer campaign spokesman, Tim Rasmussen, declined to answer specific questions from The Forum.


  • Once again, corruption charges were filed against current Congressman Kevin Cramer, who is running for the U.S. Senate.

  • The complaint outlined three points: Cramer is giving himself a stipend to live and eat from campaign funds, he’s reimbursing himself for travel expenses from campaign contributions, and he has missed deadlines for reimbursements, but paid himself back anyway.

  • “Legally murky and morally sticky maneuvers seem to be the norm for Congressman Cramer,” Thompson said. “He has always considered himself above the rules, and cannot be trusted to handle his own campaign finances. Congressman Cramer’s behavior goes to show in my estimation the worst in Washington and goes to show why many North Dakotans have lost faith in politics. He has used his campaign as a get-rich quick scheme, and owes North Dakotans an explanation. He is not above the law, or above the rules.”