Jon Godfread’s Tall Tales

March 29th, 2019

Jon Godfread’s Tall Tales
(BISMARCK, ND) While he’s busy competing for the tallest politician in the country award, North Dakotans might want to ask Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread about some of the tall tales he made about their health insurance.

It was only last year when Jon Godfread was standing tall when North Dakota entered into a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Godfread even admitted to assisting the Attorney General’s office in the lawsuit. Godfread also stated that “we’re years away from a decision on (the Texas Lawsuit.)”
Not even one year later, the Texas Court ruled the ACA is unconstitutional and the Department of Justice is arguing that the entire law is invalid, putting 316,000 people with pre-existing conditions at risk of losing coverage.

“I doubt North Dakotan’s care how tall their Insurance Commissioner is, but they do care if their Insurance Commissioner is trying to take away their health insurance” said Alison Jones, Communications Director for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL, “Jon Godfread was elected to help North Dakotans, keep their health insurance and keep it affordable. If Commissioner Godfread would rather be the state’s cheerleader for an out of state lawsuit that risks coverage for almost half of North Dakotans, his efforts to stay continue as Insurance Commissioner will fall short…which is an unusual experience for him.”