Jaeger In Violation of Court Order Leading Up to Primary

The North Dakota Secretary of State did not implement a voter education program despite a federal judge’s orders

(BISMARCK, ND) — Lawyers for North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger admitted to ignoring a ruling from a George W. Bush-appointed federal judge that ordered the state to implement a voter education program to clear up confusion surrounding voter ID requirements.

As North Dakotans prepare to vote in Tuesday’s primary election, confusion remains for many voters who want to cast their ballot in a legal way. While the state has been stuck in a costly and ongoing court battle, Jaeger’s office has not taken the proactive steps ordered by District Court Chief Judge Hovland to ensure eligible voters have the information they need.

“Al Jaeger is acting like he is above the law by not implementing a court-mandated voter education program,” said Scott McNeil, North Dakota Democratic-NPL Executive Director. “On Tuesday, thousands of North Dakotans will walk into their polling places without the certainty that their voice will be heard. North Dakota deserves a Secretary of State that follows the law and puts the integrity of our elections first. This sort of incompetence is why Republicans decided to kick him to the curb at their convention, only to come crawling back when Will Gardner’s past became public. Al Jaeger might be too busy gathering enough signatures so he can appear on November’s ballot to follow Judge Hovland’s ruling, but that is no excuse for ignoring the law.”