IYCMI: Cramer Actively Sought, Received Support from Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

Hate Group Supported Predator Roy Moore and Opposes Equal Rights for North Dakotans 

Cramer Must Disavow Hate Group, Financial Backing

(BISMARCK, ND) — Yesterday, CNN reported that Congressman Kevin Cramer sought and received support from an extreme, anti-LGBTQ organization. The nonpartisan Southern Poverty Law Center has designated Public Advocate of the United States as a hate group, but that didn’t stop Cramer from asking for their support. Additionally, the founder of the group has actively promoted the violent Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

Cramer – along with Neo-Confederate Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart – proactively filled out their candidate questionnaire, in which he promised to work towards overturning marriage equality and oppose laws protecting LGBTQ North Dakotans from employment and housing discrimination.

You can see the Dem-NPL statement HERE and more coverage of Cramer’s hate group ties below:

CNN: GOP Senate nominees Kevin Cramer, Corey Stewart sought support of extreme anti-gay group

  • Two Republican Senate nominees sought and received the support of an anti-LGBT group that links homosexuality to pedophilia and defends conversion therapy.
  • Both nominees also indicated support for overturning Supreme Court rulings legalizing same-sex marriage […]
  • The group’s founder and chief executive, Eugene Delgaudio, said in February he believes that former President Barack Obama was a “child molester” and that “adult homosexuals want to recruit and brainwash children.” He is an active promoter of the far-right pizzagate conspiracy theory.
  • The group has been running Google ads in support of Cramer, who is currently in his third term as North Dakota’s lone member in the US House. Delgaudio told CNN in an email exchange that he would not disclose other efforts the group has made online to support Cramer.

Forum: GOP Senate hopeful Kevin Cramer sought, received support of extreme anti-gay group, CNN reports

  • North Dakota GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer sought and received the support of a conservative anti-LGBT group that links homosexuality to pedophilia and defends conversion therapy, CNN reports.
  • Candidates’ completion of the survey was voluntary, and all candidates who submitted a response were informed prior to submission that its results would be made public.


  • Hoping to win a Senate seat, current Congressman Kevin Cramer has thrown in his hat with an extremist hate group peddling conspiracy theories by seeking the group’s endorsement and financial backing.
  • In 2017, the group gave $10,100 to Roy Moore, according to Open Secrets, Center for Responsive Politics. Moore was the former chief justice of the Supreme Court in Alabama who strove to fill a state’s Senatorial seat until he was voted down after sexual misconduct with minors allegations arose.
  • Cramer has also publicly defended former Republican Secretary of State candidate Will Gardner after discovery was made that he pleaded guilty to public disorder after peeping through girl dorm windows at North Dakota State University with his pants unzipped and shirt untucked.
  • Cramer’s office was contacted for comment, but no statement was received.


  • GOP nominees Kevin Cramer and Corey Stewart filled out a “Senate Candidate Survey” for Public Advocate of the United States, an anti-gay group CNN says “links homosexuality to pedophilia and defends conversion therapy.” The survey has eight questions on LGBT issues, including whether candidates agree that public schools should be barred from “brainwashing elementary school children with the Homosexual Agenda.” Cramer and Stewart “also indicated support for overturning Supreme Court rulings legalizing same-sex marriage, requiring schools to teach there are only two genders and allowing Christian business owners to refuse to participate in same-sex weddings without fear of legal reprisal,” CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski reports.

The Hill: GOP Senate candidates sought support of anti-LGBT group: report

  • GOP Senate candidates reportedly asked an anti-LGBT group that claimed a link between homosexuality to pedophilia for its support in their campaigns ahead of the November midterm elections.
  • The group was founded in 1978 by Eugene Delgaudio, who in February said he believes that former President Obama was a “child molester,” and has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group for its anti-gay activism.
  • According to the publication, the anti-LGBT group has been running advertisements online supporting Cramer’s election bid.