Is Cramer Too Scared to Campaign in Public?

(BISMARCK, ND) – It’s clear Kevin Cramer doesn’t want to campaign or debate his agenda in public – that’s why he’s turned down multiple debates and why he’s holding yet another closed-door fundraiser where the cheapest price of admission is $1,000. What could he possibly be afraid of?
Perhaps it’s his health care agenda that threatens coverage for many folks in North Dakota, including individuals with a pre-existing condition.

  • PolitiFact: “[Cramer’s health care votes] take away the mandate that everyone be insured and the subsidies that make that affordable. In practice, plans for individuals in the nongroup market would become exorbitantly priced, if available at all. […] The limits of what insurance companies could charge would have been watered down, which would have sent premiums skyrocketing, experts say, to the point that coverage for many would be unattainable. 

Maybe he’s afraid to hear directly from his constituents. After all, just weeks ago at a campaign event, his campaign “threatened [concerned North Dakotans] with physical removal from the building if they dared say a word.”

Or maybe it’s his reckless embrace of the administration’s trade war that’s hurting North Dakota’s farmers, manufacturers, and producers.

  • Forum: “This time of year, requests are usually rolling in from Pacific Northwest elevators for North Dakota soybeans. But for the last seven weeks, not a single order has been placed, said North Dakota Soybean Growers Executive Director Nancy Johnson. The result has been the lowering of cash prices offered by local elevators. And some elevators won’t accept soybeans at all, leaving Upper Great Plains growers without a market for the crop in their fields.”
  • HEADLINE: KVRR: Farmers Speak Out Against Rep. Kevin Cramer and His Comments on Trade War

“No one has to guess why Kevin Cramer is holding yet another closed-door, high-dollar fundraiser – he’s too scared to run on his real record, whether it’s attempting to rewrite history on his record of jeopardizing coverage for pre-existing conditions or trying to paper over his reckless support for the trade war that’s already having lasting effects on the state’s economy. But Cramer’s closed-door misinformation campaign won’t fool North Dakotans, and they’ll hold him accountable in November.” said Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL.