“If This Keeps Going On, What Does It Do For The Future Of ND Agriculture?”

(Bismarck, ND) – While Cramer bafflingly says he is happy with the way the trade war has played out so far, North Dakota’s farmers and manufacturers are suffering the consequences. One Valley City farmer who attended Cramer’s trade town hall last week said he and others are concerned with what the tariffs are doing to North Dakota agriculture as a whole… we feel like we’re losing our market share.”

Even Secretary Perdue acknowledged that this trade war “could not have come at a worse time” for farmers with farm income for 2018 forecasted to decline and borrowing up 21 percent since 2012, reaching debt levels from the 80s.

And the $12 billion bailout that Cramer has taken credit for? It’s simply a band-aid solution on top of what was an avoidable problem – a fact that both administration officials and agriculture experts have both stated:

Reminder: There are only two days remaining until Kevin Cramer’s self-imposed deadline to stand with North Dakota against the trade war. See the countdown here.