ICYMI: The State Treasurer is Responsible for her Own Mistake

March 12th, 2019



ICYMI: The State Treasurer is responsible for her own mistake

North Dakotas State Treasurer, Kelly Schmidt has yet to claim responsibility for public schools being shorted 120 million dollars in 10 years.

(BISMARCK, ND)- Larry Klundt has been a public school superintendent, executive director of the North Dakota School Administrators Association, a state legislator, and a lobbyist.  Not surprisingly, he is disturbed by Kelly Schmitt’s misallocation of millions of oil tax dollars for K-12 education. 

Klundt states, “Republicans always want to cry “taxes are too high” but I believe an unfortunate consequence of Schmidt’s errors has caused an increase in property taxes. Simple math on [Treasurer Schmitt’s] error shows schools were shortchanged by $12 million per year. This could have been used for higher wages, classroom supplies, academic services for students, the list goes on.”

Klundt acknowledges it will take a bi-partisan solution to make this right. Luckily we have terrific Democratic legislatures who are able and willing to rise above petty partisan politics and create a real solution to ensure something like this never happens again, and schools receive the funding they need.