ICYMI: Rep. Karla Rose Hanson on Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness

July 16th, 2019

ICYMI: Rep. Karla Rose Hanson on Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness

(BISMARCK, ND) – Yesterday, Representative Karla Rose Hanson spoke to Tyler Axness on Afternoons Live, regarding a report by Bismarck Tribune reporter, Jack Dura, stating that the cost of North Dakota lawmakers absent days totaled over $56k for the 76-day session. That’s over $735 per day- courtesy of the taxpayer.

The hope is not to deny paid family leave for lawmakers – it is about providing this necessary benefit for all North Dakotans. The legislators who took time off had major health issues, family matters to tend to, or other important life events that required this time away from session. They should have the ability to take this time when they need it and not worry about losing pay or health insurance. Unfortunately, these same lawmakers denied North Dakota citizens the opportunity for the same type of flexibility. House Republicans voted down HB 1509 that would have created a paid family leave program in the state. They even refused to study the issue as SCR 4018 failed to be adopted.

During the interview, Representative Hanson offered a surprising statistic, “only 13% of employers offer some type of paid leave program for those major life events.” She calls the practice inconsistent, at best. Legislators are essentially saying, “it’s okay for me, but not for thee.”

Listen to the whole conversation here