ICYMI: “It’s not a small mistake”

March 11th, 2019


ICYMI: “It’s not a small mistake”
(BISMARCK, ND) – ND Dem-NPL Chair Warren Larson talks with Joel Heitkamp about the 120 million dollars of revenue that was not deposited into two constitutional funds that would benefit schools. There was also an additional 120 million dollars that did not reach the water resource fund.Over the ten-year period, the 120 million dollars that did not reach schools was one of the reasons that caused local property tax to skyrocket. “Kelly Schmidt, has never had a clean audit, she has the right letter behind her name, so I have no doubt she could get elected tomorrow,” Joel adds.

“This money could have made the difference for a child suffering from severe depression,” Larson states. Nothing can be done for the students that have already graduated. Both Parties have acknowledged they need to make this right.