ICYMI: Cramer’s Week of Damage-Control

(BISMARCK, ND) – Last week it was missteps and strange comments. This week it’s damage-control mode for Kevin Cramer and his campaign after continually putting himself and his special interests ahead of North Dakotans. See for yourself:

😬MONDAY: A “fact check” shows the NDGOP is on the defense and misleading North Dakotans about Cramer’s health care agenda.

😬TUESDAY: Questions are raised about Cramer’s potential use of a “loophole to skirt the reporting requirements of his assets on his personal financial disclosure.”

😬WEDNESDAY: Cramer and his crew go into full damage control mode on health care. They’re so desperate to hide their disastrous agenda from North Dakotans that they “threatened [constituents] with physical removal” from their ‘set the record straight’ health care conference for fear of being confronted about the harm their plans could cause.

😬THURSDAY: Farmers called out Cramer for failing to stand up for North Dakota – instead choosing to stand shoulder to shoulder with the administration as they pursue a reckless trade war.

😬FRIDAY: Fallout continues from Cramer’s decision to blindly follow the administration down the trade war route.

😬SATURDAY: Cramer campaigns with a crooked businessman. What could go wrong?

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