ICYMI: Cramer’s Bitter White House-Blaming Reveal His Own Political, Legislative Shortcomings

Just Days after Bragging President Trump “Begged” Him to Run, Cramer Desperately Lashes Out at White House for Attention

(BISMARCK, ND) – Crybaby Cramer just keeps asking not what the White House can do for North Dakota, but what the White House can do for Kevin Cramer.

After bragging to the Associated Press that President Trump “begged” him to run for office over fancy D.C. dining, Cramer sounds more desperate than ever for his affections. In an interview with the Washington Post, Cramer said he hopes the president still comes to North Dakota on his behalf because “he promised me he would.”

According to an ND x Plains analysis from Tyler Axness, maybe that’s because Congressman Cramer’s tirade and public feuding and fallout with White House officials in the Washington Post is revealing of more than just his jealousy of Senator Heitkamp’s legislative prowess.

Axness points out that Cramer has a clear pattern of excuses and finger-pointing whenever he doesn’t get the attention he wants, or his inability to lead is exposed. This time, Cramer blamed the president thanking Heidi for her work on a bill she helping write, negotiate and pass on the fact that she’s a woman. “The public unraveling of his composure” is “unbecoming of the office he seeks,” Axness wrote. In other words, when Cramer doesn’t get a gold star for the homework he didn’t do, he throws a tantrum.

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NDxPlains: Cramer Continues Campaign of Complaints

  • The Washington Post interviewed Congressman Kevin Cramer and Senator Heidi Heitkamp following a couple of bad weeks for the Congressman. The article, published last evening, was revealing. What was exposed in the Post is Cramer’s bitterness toward the White House’s appreciation for Heitkamp’s accomplishments and his grasps for reasoning behind it all.
  • The fallout from Cramer complaining about Marc Short is evident. Recall that Cramer, a member of the Legislative branch, blamed Short, a member of the Executive branch, for Congress not getting legislation passed. Short heard the complaint and “quickly brought the interview to the attention of the National Senatorial Committee (NRSC). It is important to remember last year, Senior Senate Republicans walked away from Cramer out of fear of his “cringe-worthy” moments. At the time, CNN reported, “The maneuvering comes as some influential Republicans now are fearful that Cramer could damage their chances if he commits gaffes.” In the end, he’s their guy.
  • What is the catalyst for these complaints? Heitkamp being at the bill signing ceremony of a banking bill she co-sponsored and helped pass. Cramer called it “obscene.” One could ask why Cramer was even attending this ceremony at all. He wasn’t a co-sponsor of the bill. Many of the other 325 members who voted in favor of it didn’t attend.
  • Lastly in the Post article, he pulled out the woman card. Cramer expresses that he believes Heitkamp gets special treatment because she’s a female. Cramer’s had a past of lashing out at women in prominent roles. What does gender have to do with any of this?
  • Look, I haven’t said much new in this post that I haven’t already written on this website. Then why highlight it again you may ask? Because our lone Congressman keeps making awkward complaints and excuses that are unbecoming of the office he seeks. There is a pattern of behavior. Every few days we’re given another example. It is the public unraveling of his composure that needs our attention.