Governor’s COVID-19 Childcare Plan Must Look Out For Childcare Workers

BISMARCK, ND — The Democratic-NPL Party Joint Caucuses encourage North Dakotans to participate in the governor’s call for input as the administration develops a plan to address childcare shortages related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please reach out to the Department of Human Services with your concerns, questions, and personal experiences by phone at (701) 328-2310 or email [email protected]

Sen. Kathy Hogan, the Dem-NPL Joint Caucus Lead on Human Services said:

“Childcare providers are some of the lowest paid employees in North Dakota while providing a service that is now more critical than ever. They often don’t have health insurance and are feeling very vulnerable right now. We encourage the governor to make sure the economic and health needs of childcare workers and all working families are included in this plan.”