Governor Burgum Must Veto Anti-Business, Anti-Trans HB 1298

Bismarck, ND – The NDGOP legislature yet again opted to act, not on behalf of the betterment of North Dakota businesses, athletes, and members of the trans community, but rather in the interest of hatred and of economic peril. Across the country, discriminatory bills like HB 1298 are working directly against the interests of local businesses and communities, trying to solve a problem that does not exist. When tourism officials have shown North Dakota lost $1.2 billion dollars last year during a pandemic, it appears that the NDGOP’s solution to severe revenue loss is to cost communities and businesses additional revenue loss.

Democratic-NPL Executive Director Michael Taylor responded to the legislation:

“We are calling for an immediate veto of this horrific bill from Governor Burgum. The Governor has an opportunity to show that, despite his party being run by the most rabid among them, there is still a line which he will not allow to be crossed. North Dakota communities have sacrificed so much during this pandemic, and now they’re going to be penalized by the NDGOP because they are fixated on legislating cold-blooded hatred. Hatred for the trans community and for our local communities, businesses, workers, and neighbors.” 

Taylor continued: 

“Those in the legislature are frothing at the mouth to demolish our chance at a full economic recovery. Whenever the opportunity to do the right thing comes up, the NDGOP and Governor Burgum routinely choose to shoot themselves in the foot. Governor Burgum, are you unable or unwilling to listen to the countless athletes, transgender community members, tourism leaders, economists, hotel staff, and others who are warning you? Are you willing to stake the entirety of your legacy on a bill rooted in bigotry to leave our communities worse off than before? Veto this bill.”