GOP senator: Deficits could make tax bill among “worst votes I’ve made” – so, where does Cramer stand?

Cramer previously laughed off debt concerns due to tax bill 

Report shows budget deficits rapidly increasing  largely due to fiscally irresponsible tax bill  

(BISMARCK, ND) – Yesterday, Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) backed off from his previous support of the Republican tax plan in a big way. Citing major concerns with projections showing the deficit rapidly increasing, Corker said the bill “could well be one of the worst votes I’ve ever made.”

The CBO recently reported that largely due to the Republican tax plan, the budget deficit will hit $1 trillion two years sooner than previously anticipated. The report also predicted the Republican tax plan would increase the deficit by about $1.9 trillion dollars – significantly higher than earlier estimates.

Here’s what Senator Corker had to say:

“If it ends up costing what has been laid out here, it could well be one of the worst votes I’ve made.”

Does Kevin Cramer agree with Senator Corker – or does he still think $1.9 trillion is something to laugh off?