FARM BILL SABOTAGE: As Farm Bill Fails, Cramer Says Playing Politics with Farm Bill “Not Inappropriate”

#FlashbackFriday: Cramer attempted to hold the Farm Bill Hostage in 2014, touted his clout on Farm Bill as reason not to run for Senate

(BISMARCK, ND) — He’s at it again: After statewide criticism for his work to sink the Farm Bill in to 2014 over a political provision, Kevin Cramer again put his own party loyalties ahead of North Dakota farmers’ livelihoods by encouraging the House Freedom Caucus’ efforts to sink the Farm Bill over yet another political provision.

Last night – before the Farm Bill failed this morning – Cramer told KVLY’s Chris Berg made it clear he would not fight back against poison-pill provisions that could tank the bill, saying it was “not inappropriate” for the right-wing Freedom Caucus to insert completely unrelated immigration policies into this fight. Watch the full video of the exchange here.

Sound familiar? That’s because Cramer tried to pull a similar trick in 2014 through his efforts to hold up the Farm Bill over a similar political provision. Back then, his partisan games were admonished by editorial boards across the state – from the Grand Forks Herald which branded him an “ideologue who values purity above results,” to the Williston Herald, which said “We feel Cramer needs to take a lesson from Hoeven and Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in how to wield influence.

Just a reminder, when Cramer first decided against asking for a promotion, he touted his influence on the Farm Bill as a reason not to run. Now North Dakotans want to know: Where was his influence today when the Farm Bill failed?

“This time, Kevin Cramer has gone too far. After jeopardizing the Farm Bill in 2014 Kevin Cramer once again held it hostage for political games that help him cozy up the D.C. swamp bosses. But this time, compromising the futures of North Dakota’s farmers will not stand,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “By defending a poison pill provision, Cramer once again abdicated his responsibility to North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers who depend on his lone voice in Congress to stand up for them. But just like in 2014, he was more than eager to throw them by the wayside. North Dakotans need a fighter who will have their backs in the Senate – who will build bridges to get a strong Farm Bill passed, instead of spending their time defending dangerous and petty politics as ‘not inappropriate.’ We’ve had enough.”