Extremist Senate Judiciary Committee Says “Yes” to Legalizing Discrimination

Bismarck, ND – In a move that degrades the character of our state, and its people, the radical NDGOP-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday handed down a “do pass” recommendation for HB 1298, which would codify discrimination in youth sports on the basis of gender identity.

In a shameful attempt to make it state law to target, segregate, and erase trans persons, HB 1298 and its backers have sparked widespread condemnation from youth sports groups, and state tourism boards, alike. The 6-1 vote sets up a contentious battle in the North Dakota Senate this week, which will determine whether we will be known for our compassion, and our decency, or by an unjust law forced upon us by a group of legislators compromised by extremist hate groups.

Democratic-NPL Party Chair, Kylie Oversen responded to today’s vote:

“In times of great turmoil in our Country, we believe the good people of North Dakota have always strived to be on the right side of history. From the founding of our country, many of our forebears risked their lives to escape discrimination and oppression. They created communities based on the principles of individual liberty and the freedom of self-determination. Today they would find themselves wholly ashamed by the fact that, in the 21st Century, hate has been legislated into the laws of our state. Sadly, radicalism and shameless intolerance has become an all-too-common trend in legislatures across the country.”

Oversen continued:

“The fundamental right to our own identity, and to be able to live out our lives as we truly are, is sacred. Discrimination against transgender individuals is as reprehensible and unacceptable as discrimination on the basis of sex, or color, or religion, or creed. We cannot – and must not – allow despicable legislation such as this to be accepted. If we stand silently, and permit this miscarriage of justice to take away the individual liberties and the identity of transgender youth, then – much like the states that long embraced Jim Crow – we, our children, and the children yet to come will carry the tarnished legacy of this bill for all time.”

The North Dakota Democratic-NPL proudly stands with the transgender community, and all of our LGBTQIA friends and family. We strongly encourage all North Dakotans to contact their state senators and urge them to vote down HB 1298.