Does Congressman Cramer Still Think Military Spending is “Difficult Pill to Swallow”?

(BISMARCK, ND) – When it comes to funding our military, Congressman Cramer thinks less is more. In the most recent government funding bill, Cramer complained that a necessary increase in military spending to supply up-to-date equipment and training to keep our troops safe was a “difficult pill… to swallow.”

“Ahead of Independence Day, North Dakotans deserve to know: does Congressman Cramer still think military funding – including vital equipment and training upgrades – is a ‘difficult pill to swallow,’” asked Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “North Dakotans want a Senator whose priorities are in line with their own – and Cramer’s comments make it clear that he is not that person.”

This isn’t the first time Cramer has sided against essential funding for our security:

Cramer On Funding For Pay Raises, Equipment, And Training For Active Duty Military: “There’s No Question It’s A Very High Priority, But It’s Becoming A Very Difficult Pill.” According to Reuters, “House Republicans emerging from a closed meeting on Tuesday morning, said there was little information provided by leadership about the state of play. ‘Most of the discussion … is trying to convince us that defense is so critical that we have to swallow everything else to give our soldiers and airmen and Marines and sailors the pay raise they need and the equipment and training they need,’ said Republican Representative Kevin Cramer. ‘There’s no question it’s a very high priority, but it’s becoming a very difficult pill,’ Cramer said.” [Reuters, 3/20/18]

Cramer Voted Against Motion To Concur With Senate Bill That Would Provide Funding For Department Of Homeland Security. [CQ, 3/3/15; H.R. 240, Vote 109, 3/3/15]

Cramer Opposed Shifting Additional Funds To Customs And Border Protection, Cutting ICE Administrative Funding. [HR 2217, Vote #197, 6/5/13]