District 8 Democratic-NPL Chair says Prichard’s comments do not “reflect North Dakota values”

Bismarck, ND – Rep. Brandon Prichard (R-Bismarck) has expressed extreme views on his social media accounts, claiming non-Christians shouldn’t serve in political office. This assertion flies in the face of American values. Does Representative Prichard plan to pass legislation requiring a religious test for potential candidates and serving members who do not identify as Christians?

District 8 Democratic-NPL Chair Al Stanek said, “Rep. Prichard’s remarks are deeply undemocratic and unconstitutional. His strange social media posts are now bringing unwanted national attention to our community. He’s an absolute embarrassment, who seems to thrive on the negative attention he receives.

The United States has always been a nation of immigrants with a variety of beliefs—that’s the way our founders intended it. I hope his colleagues and the rest of the NDGOP will speak out against these comments. Prichard does not reflect North Dakota values.”

October 4, 2023

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
(701) 566-0616
[email protected]