Democratic-NPL leaders admonish anti-LGBTQ+ bills signed into law

Today, Governor Doug Burgum signed the last of the anti-LGBTQ+ bills to come to his desk. An unprecedented number of anti-trans bills have been introduced in legislatures across the country.

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn said, “This legislative session was exhausting and downright terrifying for North Dakota’s LGBTQ+ Community. Republicans used to believe in limited government and personal freedom. In signing these bills, Burgum once again betrays those ideals. The greatness of America lies in its guarantee to each of its citizens the freedom to be who they want without government interference. To our LGBTQ+ family, friends, and neighbors: we see you, we hear you, you are welcome here. You are wanted here. Your fight is our fight and we will never give up.”

In a similar vein, House Minority Leader Zac Ista remarked, “The flurry of hateful bills that we saw this session was mind numbing, but what we won’t do is become numb to the pain it’s caused countless North Dakotans. To anyone who is frightened or hurt by what we see here and across the country, know that this isn’t over. That’s why we’re committed to electing legislators in 2024 who will fight to protect your rights, not restrict your freedoms.”

The 68th Legislative Assembly adjourned on April 30, 2023. Fewer than half the anti-LGBTQ bills introduced in North Dakota, made it on to become laws.