Democratic-NPL Chair’s Statement regarding Racism at Recent Jamestown Basketball Game

The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Chair Patrick Hart issued the following statement today in response to racism displayed at a January 31 basketball game between Jamestown High School and Bismarck High School:

“What we saw in Jamestown is appalling in so many ways. Democratic-NPL Party stands against racism, and we feel whitewashing of this situation is unacceptable.

These players were verbally assaulted. As a father of a nine and 13 year old, it hurts me to see that in a room full of adults, no one had the courage to stand up and stop what was happening. Because of that cowardice, we’re now dealing with this reactively, when it should have been stopped then and there.

I encourage people across the state to reach out to their local leaders to let them know we all need to stand up against this type of blatant racism. We stand with the parents and the victims.”