Democratic-NPL Chair Calls Armstrong “Cowardly” For Flip-Flop After Threat From Trump

Yesterday, Representative Kelly Armstrong changed his position on censuring California Representative Adam Schiff after former president Donald Trump called for Armstrong to be primaried. The vote was called “nothing but theatrics” and “useless” by conservative commentator S.E. Cupp.

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Chair Adam Goldwyn said, “Yet again, Trump bullies our Representative, and Armstrong is too cowardly to stand up to him. As Armstrong grovels to Trump and the extremists who’ve taken over the Republican Party, North Dakotans and the Democratic-NPL continue to stand for freedom of speech.”

North Dakota DNC Committeewoman Ruth Buffalo stated, “It is a shame to see what is happening at the federal level. We need real people who will do the right thing. Rep Kelly Armstrong is wrong and should have stood strong for all of us, but he didn’t. This action—censuring someone who stood up for our democracy, checks and balances, and the truth—puts our precious republic in even more danger. The GOP’s targeting of effective leaders is nothing new in every level of government.”