Dem-NPL Legislative Caucus Takes the Lead on Blue Law Repeal

For Immediate Release:

March 19th, 2019


Dem-NPL Legislative Caucus Takes the Lead on the Blue Law Repeal

(BISMARCK, ND) – A bill pushed by Representative Pam Anderson (D-Fargo) aimed to strike the nation’s strictest so-called blue laws from the books passed the state Senate today with bipartisan support.The bill updates the allow to allow businesses to open on Sunday if they choose and repeals some of the most restrictive blue laws in the entire country. The bill will allow brick and mortar retailers throughout the state to compete with online retailers and Red River Valley shops and restaurants to compete with neighboring Minnesota retailers.

“The Dem-NPL legislative caucus was proud to be the main supporters for this bill,” said Alison Jones, Communications Director for the North Dakota Democratic NPL. “After several sessions of opposition from House and Senate Republicans, Dem-NPL legislators put politics aside and worked with the state’s business community to get good common sense legislation passed. Repealing the archaic blue laws is popular with both business owners and consumers, and while its passage out of the Senate is good news, it is unfortunate that 19 members of the Senate Republican caucus voted against giving their constituents the option of deciding when they want to shop.”