Dem-NPL Federal Candidates Christiansen and Haugen blast opponents for spineless inaction on Jan 6th attack on U.S. Capitol

Following the Thursday January 6th Committee Hearing, U.S. Senate Candidate Katrina Christiansen and U.S. House Candidate Mark Haugen criticized their opponents, for their milquetoast responses to the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“Hoeven hides until favorable winds are blowing. The Jan. 6th committee hearings have shown just how dangerous GOP complacency and hunger for power is to our democracy. Hoeven would rather focus on something that polls well than address how the insurrection and the ‘Big Lie’ threaten our democratic institutions.” lambasted Christiansen.

Haugen chided, “Kelly Armstrong had the opportunity to be on this committee, but let the GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy pull him. When our democracy is on life support, Rep. Armstrong would prefer to attempt to further his own career than stand for the Republic. He has been a coward for when he could have been an independent voice. I have always stood for my principles, and would never put those aside to cozy up to party leadership like Rep. Armstrong has.”