Daniel Stone joins the Dem-NPL as Communications Director

Bismarck, ND – The Democratic-NPL Party is excited to announce Daniel Stone as our new Communications Director. Daniel has worked in Democratic politics since 2017, including managing the Senate campaign of Marquita Bradshaw. During his political experience, Daniel has worked in several statewide races in Tennessee, taking on roles in policy, communications, and campaign management.

He also fought and organized for labor rights of grocery workers during the pandemic. As ND continues to experience a workforce development crisis, Daniel comes in with a background and knowledge of the needs of hard working families, and the struggles they have faced during the pandemic.

Democratic-NPL Executive Director, Michael Taylor said:

“Daniel brings a wealth of campaign, organizing and communications experience to the Dem-NPL, and North Dakota as a whole. Much of his political work has been focused in rural counties and understanding what issues are most important for their future, and the future of their families and communities.”

Daniel Stone can be reached at [email protected].