Welcome to Cramer’s Chronicles where, every Friday, we’ll break down the latest and greatest weekly hits about Cramer’s crooked, self-serving, extreme, and gaffe-prone behavior that puts himself and his partisan politics ahead of North Dakotans.

CRAMER DISMISSES SEXUAL ASSAULT AS “ABSURD,” QUESTIONS IF THEY ARE EVEN “DISQUALIFYING.” Cramer’s true character was revealed this week with his belittling, dismissive, and insensitive comments regarding sexual assault. Rather than editorializing, we’ll let you read – and watch – them for yourself:

CNN: GOP Senate nominee: Kavanaugh accusation ‘absurd’ because they were drunk and assault attempt ‘never went anywhere’
TPM: Top GOP Senate Nominee: Kavanaugh Accusations ‘Absurd’ Because ‘They Were Teenagers,’ Assault ‘Never Went Anywhere’
VIDEO: Cramer: “My Point Was That There Was No Type Of Intercourse Or Anything Like That”
VIDEO: Cramer: “Even If It Is All True, Does It Disqualify Him?”
CNN: GOP Senate candidate on Kavanaugh accuser: ‘I mean, how many 15-year-olds handle a lot of alcohol?’
The Hill: Cramer questions if allegations should disqualify Kavanaugh ‘even if it’s all true’
Politico: Cramer questions whether Kavanaugh assault allegation is disqualifying — even if true
NBC News: ‘Even if it’s all true’: GOP Senate candidate questions if Kavanaugh allegations disqualify him
MSNBC: GOP’s Cramer lands in a ditch, finds a shovel, digs deeper
NDxPlains: Cramer Struggles to Clarify Comments

NEW DIGITAL AD: “REPRESENTATIVE.” Yesterday the ND Dem-NPL launched a new digital ad, “Representative,” that highlights Cramer’s long record of derogatory and offensive comments towards and about women from belittling sexual assault and questioning whether it’s even “disqualifying” to mocking their physical appearance. Cramer’s belittling and insulting of women may be representative of his character, but they aren’t representative of North Dakota. The ad, which is backed by a five-figure buy and will appear on various digital platforms, was first reported by Roll Call.


NORTH DAKOTA’S OWN TODD AKIN. Remember when Republicans actively searched for another candidate to run because they were worried about Cramer’s “Akin-like tendencies?” This week’s comments proved their fears were spot on.

100 DAYS OF NO SOYBEAN ORDERS. Cramer’s blind loyalty to the administration is hurting North Dakota farmers. Even though he created a self-imposed deadline of September for when he’d become “concerned” enough about the trade war to take a stand, Cramer has kept up his support for these detrimental policies. As one farmer put it, “Do you really think these countries will come back to us (to buy U.S. ag products) with open arms? […] We’re not spanking China with these tariffs. We’re not spanking any of these countries. We’re only spanking ourselves.”

CRAMER PAPERING OVER RECORD ON NATIVE AMERICAN. Now that it’s an election year, Cramer is rushing to paper over his record on Native American issues, putting his name on a new provision in VAWA that allows tribes to prosecute offenders for threatened domestic violence against children and law enforcement on reservations. But, as ThinkProgress points out, “his own record would also seem to contradict his support for this legislation. In 2013, he opposed the tribal provisions in the bill as “inadvertently placing in jeopardy future convictions under the act” because they could violate constitutional due process.”

#FBF: CRAMER GETS THREE PINOCCHIOS FOR FALSE HEALTH CARE CLAIM. Remember when Cramer received three Pinocchios for his false claim that the Republican House bill prevented price discrimination against folks with pre-existing conditions. North Dakotans sure do.