Welcome to Cramer’s Chronicles where, every Friday, we’ll break down the latest and greatest weekly hits about Cramer’s crooked, self-serving, extreme, and gaffe-prone behavior that puts himself and his partisan politics ahead of North Dakotans.

25 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT POLITICAL OPPORTUNIST CRAMER. 25 days until Election Day + 25 must-know facts about Kevin Cramer = one political opportunist who will always put himself and his self-serving interests above North Dakota. Get all 25 facts here.

NORTH DAKOTANS RALLY FOR ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE CARE. On Tuesday, North Dakotans gathered to call on Cramer to finally put North Dakotans first and stop jeopardizing their health care. Among them was Jennifer Restemayer whose daughter Allison suffers from a genetic disorder and relies on protections in the current health reform law to get the treatments she needs to stay alive. But Cramer’s 65 votes to repeal or undermine the current health reform law and his support for the ill-advised partisan lawsuit threaten those protections. Read more about Jennifer and Allison’s story here.

“NO INSURANCE COMPANY SHOULD BE ABLE TO PUT A CAP ON THE LIFE OF MY CHILD.” High Plains Reader reports on the “tale of two economies” that is plaguing North Dakota thanks to decisions made by Cramer regarding agriculture and health care. From Jim Dotzenrod, state senator and Agriculture Commissioner candidate: “‘This lawsuit that is going on now, North Dakota should have stayed away from, but North Dakota has joined in and if it is successful it will take away about $27 million from rural hospitals.’ A hit, Dotzenrod said, that rural hospitals won’t recover from.”

POLLING CONFIRMS HEALTH CARE IMPORTANT IN SENATE RACE. New polling from Protect Our Care demonstrates just how big a factor health care is in this race. 52 percent of voters “say health care is very important when deciding their vote for the U.S. Senate” and 61 percent of voters have a “major concern” with Cramer’s votes to repeal the current health care law.

CRAMER “ALMOST DERAILED” TRADE TALKS WHILE SOYBEANS HAVE NOWHERE TO GO. Important grain grading trade negotiations in USMCA were “almost derailed” thanks to Cramer’s actions and rhetoric on trade, according to Canadian officials involved in the talks. On top of that, Cramer’s reckless support of the trade war is leading to “refugee” soybeans. According to CNBC, soybeans from 2017 are still in storage after China pulled its contracts. “Of the 15.9 million bushels left from that year’s crop, 12.1 million bushels are sitting in grain elevators. That is an increase of 68 percent.”

HIDING FROM DEBATES. Mark another debate that Cramer has declined, bringing the total to seven. Cramer and his team are trying to weasel out of the Prairie Public debate that was postponed due to Senate votes. Clearly, he’s too scared to debate the issues.

TWEET CARTOON OF THE WEEK. From the Forum’s Steve Stark: