CROOKED AS THEY COME: Kevin Cramer Continues to Enrich Himself, Family off Campaign

Former Senator Kent Conrad previously said Cramer “has made a virtual cottage industry out of his campaigns”

(BISMARCK, ND) — Kevin Cramer is just about as crooked as they come. While some got into politics to make a difference, Cramer has made it a priority to enrich himself. He’s already come under fire from local media about his massive, nepotistic payments to himself and his family members – but it looks like that didn’t stop him.

To date, since the last reporting period, Cramer and his family have pocketed more than $375,000. Cramer has paid nearly $200,000 himself. His wife, Kris – who was until recently on payroll – has raked in nearly $150,000. Other payments have gone to members of the Cramer family and their family business, as well. Politics has been a profitable business for the Cramer family – since he was elected to Congress, Cramer’s net worth has nearly doubled.

“Kevin Cramer went to Washington to get rich, and it looks like his con is working,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “Since he was elected to Congress, Cramer and his family have pocketed hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions – all the while his net worth skyrocketed – nearly doubling since he moved into his D.C. office. North Dakota voters will remember on Election Day that Kevin Cramer is nothing more than a crooked Washington politician climbing a political ladder – that’s why his loyalty will always lie with special interests.”