Cramer’s Two Faces on Trade

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer has pledged to support the president 100 percent of the time – even if that means going against the best interests of North Dakotans. Take the trade war. Cramer previously supported free trade – saying North Dakota needed access to markets and a global “marketplace” – but as soon as the president announced tariffs that deeply impact our agriculture community, Cramer flipped and became a rubber stamp for the escalating, reckless trade war.

Now, Cramer will do or say anything to prove his loyalty to the president, calling farmers’ concerns “hysteria,” suggesting that they hang tough in the face of “short-term pain,” and going so far as to compare someone wanting him to stand up against tariffs to “shoot[ing himself] in the head.”

“North Dakotans are fiercely independent and they expect the same of their representatives,” said Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “So when Kevin Cramer campaigns on standing with the administration 100 percent of the time, even with regard to this reckless trade war, they know Cramer isn’t looking out for them.”