Cramer’s Club: Eliminate the Renewable Fuel Standard

Kevin Cramer and the Republican Study Committee advocate killing the RFS

(BISMARCK, ND) — Kevin Cramer is no friend to ethanol producers. Over and over again, Cramer has proposed eliminating completely the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) – a policy which mandates certain blend levels in biodiesel fuels and is a key driver of ethanol production. Even though that policy could put North Dakota’s $640 million ethanol industry at risk, Cramer again pushed to do away with RFS just last month.

Why would Kevin turn his back on North Dakota? Because his Washington buddies told him to.

A member of the Republican Study Committee, Cramer proposed reforming RFS to “end ethanol fuel-blending mandates” and implementing policies ‘mirroring’ the Renewable Fuel Standard Elimination Act as part of the group’s policy reform wish list for the 2019 budget.

“It’s no secret – from tariffs and trade to the Renewable Fuel Standard – Kevin Cramer is no friend of North Dakota’s ag community, leaving farmers and producers by the wayside in favor of the DC-swamp establishment,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the Democratic-NPL. “Even though it would put North Dakota’s ethanol industry on the road to ruin, Cramer is forcing the Renewable Fuel Standard toward the chopping block. Our farmers and producers need stronger, not weaker policies that help them thrive, but for thatthey can’t count on Cramer – he’ll turn his back to them every time.”