Rep. Cramer should denounce the president’s use of a derogatory insult at Native American Code Talker event

(BISMARCK, ND) – Democratic-NPL executive director Scott McNeil issued the following statement calling on Congressman Kevin Cramer to denounce the president’s use of a derogatory insult during a White House event honoring Native American Code Talkers.

 “Using the name of a historic Native American figure to throw cheap insults at a political opponent – most recently at a White House event intended to honor Native American veterans – is insensitive and unbecoming of the office of President of the United States. 
“Congressman Kevin Cramer has consistently defended the administration’s most outrageous behavior. He should know how insulting these remarks are to North Dakota’s military veterans, and especially to the families of the many North Dakotan Code Talkers who served in WWII and WWI and were posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. Our veterans, Native North Dakotans, and those of Native American heritage all deserve better from their elected representative in Washington, D.C.”