Cramer Reveals Why He’s Concerned About the Trade War: Election Day

(BISMARCK, ND) – It’s been known that Congressman Cramer puts politics above the interests of North Dakotans, and his latest comments are just further proof. After his trade town hall in Grafton – where Cramer was met with an avalanche of editorials and bad news about the disastrous effects of the trade war – he recounted a conversation with the president where he revealed the real reason he’s worried about the trade war: his election chances. From Mike Jacobs, of the Grand Forks Herald:

“In a brief conversation after the Grafton meeting he said that Trump has reassured him that he has farmers’ interest in mind, and that he should be patient. Cramer’s reply, he said, was, ‘Yes, Mr. President, but I have a timeline of my own.’ Election Day is 14 weeks away, and the days are passing.”

“While the trade war has cost North Dakota’s farmers hundreds of millions of dollars, Cramer is worried about the election,” said Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “If North Dakotans didn’t know where Cramer’s priorities were before, they know now.”

One week ago, the Dem-NPL launched a countdown clock to hold Cramer accountable for kicking his responsibility to stand up for North Dakota against the trade war down the road. See how much time he has left before his self-imposed deadline here.