Cramer Parrots Useless Talking Points on Trade War During Administration Official’s Visit to ND

(BISMARCK, ND) – If North Dakotans hoped Kevin Cramer’s trade town hall with Commerce Secretary Ross would involve a constructive discussion on the impacts of tariffs or any actual understanding of what negative effects have already been felt due to the trade war, they were sorely disappointed. Instead, Ross tactlessly told those in attendance that they should simply “trust Trump” and hang tough – repeating the same clueless sentiment Cramer has been peddling.

Associated Press: Commerce Secretary Tells North Dakota Farmers to Trust Trump

  • Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told North Dakota farm leaders Thursday that they should trust President Donald Trump on trade and tariffs.
  • [Farmers] are nervous about the effects of a long-term dispute.
  • Ross called Trump’s trade plan “a one-time fight that we have to win” and urged the group to “hang in there” against retaliatory tariffs.
  • Agriculture is the No. 1 industry in North Dakota with about 25 percent of the state’s workforce. The state generates 54 commodities and leads the nation in the production of about 10 crops.
  • One of the town hall participants, soybean farmer Matt Gast, said export sales figures released Thursday show that the U.S. has shipped 37 percent fewer soybeans compared to this time a year ago. “We weren’t losing that much market share before the tariffs came into effect,” Gast said. “How long can this go on before we can gain some of this back or we can’t regain it back?”

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Fargo Forum:

Cramer’s self-imposed deadline of September to stand with North Dakotans against the trade war is fast approaching: he’s got four days left.