On Kevin Cramer’s Paris climate agreement flip-flop

Cramer opposed Paris agreement, then supported it, then opposed it again after Trump didn’t listen to him


(BISMARCK, ND) – In response to Rep. Kevin Cramer flip-flopping his position on the Paris Climate Agreement for the second time, North Dakota Democratic-NPL executive director Robert Haider issued the following statement:

“Congressman Kevin Cramer goes wherever the prevailing political winds blow.

“In the case of the Paris Climate Deal, Cramer opposed the agreement, then reversed himself and supported it – even publishing a Wall Street Journal article in support – then flip flopped a second time saying he again opposes the deal. We can’t imagine his flip-flopping has anything to do with President Trump refusing to heed his advice to remain in the Paris Deal.  

“Kevin Cramer’s first and only job is to do what’s best for North Dakota and the country. Instead, he’s focused on saving face and covering his political flank when the president refuses to listen to his advice. He can’t have it both ways.”  

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