Cramer opposes a bipartisan approach to health care. Americans strongly support it.

(BISMARCK, ND) – Congressman Cramer is adamant in his opposition to a bipartisan approach to improving our health care. Recently, he scoffed at the notion that members of both parties should work together to develop bipartisan reforms, saying: “That bar was so low anybody could have crawled over it. And somehow 48 Democrats and three Republicans couldn’t make their way over it. And now they think that if we all work together, it will be better.”

But new polling from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation shows that Americans overwhelming disagree with Cramer’s highly partisan approach.

According to the poll:

– 57% of Americans want to see Republicans work with Democrats to make improvements to our current health care system, not repeal.

– 60% say it is a “good thing” congressional Republicans were unable to pass their strictly partisan health care repeal legislation (which was authored, in part, by Rep. Cramer).

– 60% say Republicans in Congress will be to blame for any problems with the current health care law.

– 78% think the administration should do what they can to make the current health care system work, including 52% of Republicans and 51% of Trump supporters.

“North Dakotans expect their elected leaders to be problem solvers and consensus builders,” said Democratic-NPL spokesperson Daniel Tick. “Unfortunately, Congressman Cramer is neither. From Day One, Cramer showed that his first priority is himself. He is willing to do anything to pass his highly partisan agenda – no matter how low the bar – even if it means tens of thousands of North Dakotans will lose access to care and even more will face increased costs. North Dakotans simply can’t trust Cramer to have their backs.”