Cramer Missing in Action on Farm Bill

(BISMARCK, ND) – With the deadline looming to pass a bipartisan Farm Bill before it expires on September 30th, Kevin Cramer is nowhere to be found. North Dakotans rely on a strong Farm Bill, especially now that the Cramer-endorsed trade war is escalating. But rather than working on behalf of North Dakotans, Cramer is taking the week off – choosing to campaign for higher office rather than do his job.

Should it really come as a surprise that Cramer is absent on the Farm Bill? He’s been oblivious to the ins and outs of the bill and its importance to farmers and is a member of an extreme anti-ag group that pushed for eliminating the Renewable Fuel Standard, eliminating the sugar program, and for devastating cuts to crop insurance and nutrition programs. Furthermore, Cramer has a history of playing politics with the Farm Bill – and it seems like this time around is no different.