Cramer Makes Another Tone-Deaf Comment on Trade, Continues to Stand With Administration, Not North Dakota

Cramer During Debate: “This Is Why We Have Bins

(BISMARCK, ND) – During last week’s debate, Congressman Kevin Cramer made one tone-deaf statement after another about the trade war, even saying that tariffs – and the ensuing trade war with China – were okay because “we have bins” to take care of any unsold soybeans.

But Cramer’s comments, like always, ignore the reality on the ground. It’s been over 19 weeks since any bids came in from the Pacific Northwest and “refugee” soybeans have nowhere to go. It’s just another example of Cramer putting his political capital above North Dakota interests.

A non-comprehensive list of the times Cramer has stood with the administration over North Dakota in the trade war:

  • When China announced retaliatory tariffs on $50 billion worth of U.S. goods, including soybeans, Cramer tweeted his opposition to a trade war but, that same day, he deleted the previous post and replaced it with a statement claiming the president is “right to stand up to China” with regard to the trade war. Since then, Cramer has been a rubber stamp and blindly supported the trade war.
  • Cramer accused farmers of being hysterical over the trade war and told them they “don’t have a very high pain threshold.”
  • Cramer created a self-imposed deadline of September for when he’d become “concerned” enough to stand with North Dakota against the administration’s reckless trade war. It’s been more than 63 days and Cramer has yet to take meaningful action.
  • Cramer’s actions and rhetoric “almost derailed” grain grading trade negotiations with Canada.
  • Cramer called Heitkamp an “enemy of our own country” when she took farmers to visit the Mexican Embassy to discuss trade.