QUICK CLIP: Cramer defends gutting coverage for pre-existing conditions

Congressman Cramer was forced to try and defend the Republican health care bill on national TV, falsely claiming it will protect North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions. At best, he doesn’t know the details of the bill and, at worst, he is knowingly misleading his constituents. Watch the full interview here.

A sampling of what the experts say:

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Slate: Moderate Republicans Just Struck a Really Cynical Deal to Support Trumpcare.

CNN: Here’s a (partial) list of all the pre-existing conditions the GOP bill may not cover

CNN Money: This bill could leave millions uninsured

Associated Press: Americans with severe illness anxious over GOP health plan

And be sure to read Dem-NPL Executive Director Robert Haider’s Medium post on Cramer’s claims that people with pre-existing conditions are trying to “game” and “abuse” the system.