Cramer Acknowledges Anxiety from Trade War, But Doesn’t Offer Solutions

(BISMARCK, ND) – It’s been over four days and twelve hours since Kevin Cramer missed his self-imposed deadline to stand with North Dakota against the trade war. Reminder: Cramer gave a deadline of September for when he’d become “concerned” enough to stand against the trade war and break his pledge of supporting the president 100 percent of the time, even when it’s bad for North Dakota.

Cramer has even admitted that “there’s clearly some anxiety in agriculture about what’s going on” with the trade war, but he has yet to take any real measures to stem the economic effects it’s having.

How much more time will pass before Cramer puts North Dakotans ahead of his political capital?

On September 1st, the North Dakota Dem-NPL revamped its countdown clock to keep track of how long it’s been since Cramer failed to meet his own deadline.