COVID-19 Announces New Running Mate: All of NDGOP

Bismarck, ND – Yesterday was a dark day in North Dakota’s storied history. The NDGOP, overtaken by rabid legislators fixated on stripping local control informed by lies from fringe right wing media, took the opportunity to overturn Governor Burgum’s veto in order to take power from our local communities to fight against COVID-19, and for potential new strains to spread faster and unchecked in the future.

Sen. Ray Holmberg (R-Grand Forks) is someone who literally caught COVID-19 last year, but still found an opportunity to ensure that public officials in his community are unable to protect their constituents against this virus, and careless legislators like him. The NDGOP, led by hysteria and hatred, had an opportunity to redeem themselves but instead pressed forward with a bill that will demonstrably make you, your family, and your neighbor’s lives less safe.

Democratic-NPL Executive Director Michael Taylor spoke against the veto override:

“North Dakotans are completely exhausted. We are exhausted by the constant struggle to have our state government do even the most basic things that will help our state prosper, our neighbors feel safe, and our local communities have jurisdiction over how they protect themselves. Maybe it’s ignorance or they’re just intentionally negligent to their responsibilities, but North Dakota at one point last year had the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the world. Not 10th, not 20th, the absolute worst and that was because of the NDGOP’s obsession with doing the wrong thing for our state. People lost their lives because of their continued inability to lead. From Senator Cramer’s arrogance to moral grandstanding from Rep. Skroch, the NDGOP is addicted to doing the opposite of good for us.”

Taylor continued:

“North Dakotans, let me make this clear to everyone – this is what happens when the NDGOP is in charge of our state legislature and your tax dollars. While Dem-NPL representatives introduced legislation like workers compensation for essential workers who caught COVID, the NDGOP decided that their time was better spent actively encouraging the virus to spread across the state. I believe North Dakota will be better tomorrow than it was yesterday, when these legislators are out of office and away from controlling our lives.”