Dem-NPL statement on Sen. Hoeven opposing Republican health care bill

(BISMARCK, ND) – Responding to CNN report that Sen. John Hoeven has come out against the Senate Republican health care bill, Democratic-NPL executive director Robert Haider released the following statement:  

“Courage means standing up in the face of difficulty with moral strength. We’re glad Sen. Hoeven finally came out against the Republican health care bill – but doing so well after it became clear the bill as it stands won’t get a vote is the opposite of courage.

“Of course, this is much better than Kevin Cramer who continues to defend the bill despite overwhelming opposition from voters and medical professionals alike. He should listen to North Dakotans from every corner of the state who are seriously concerned about how this bill would impact them and join the rest of our federal delegation in opposing the bill. Hopefully they join Sen. Heitkamp in looking for ways to improve the health care system in a bipartisan way. That’s what North Dakotans deserve.”