“Corruption, Cronyism, And The Same Good Ol’ Boy Politics” Led To Unconstitutional OMB

September 28, 2023

Fargo, NDThis morning, the North Dakota Supreme Court invalidated one of the final bills passed in the 2023 legislative sessionthe bill that funds the Office of Management and Budget. The Legislature will have to convene for a special session to fix this problem.

Democratic-NPL Chair Adam Goldwyn remarked, “Today’s Supreme Court decision is exactly what happens when the Republican supermajority’s arrogance is left unchecked. Instead of working in a bipartisan, transparent fashion to create good public policy, the Republican majority rammed through a bill in the middle of the night when they thought no one was paying attention—just like they hoped no one was paying attention when a Republican lawmaker lined his own pockets with taxpayer dollars through cost overruns on a new building for the Attorney General’s office. What these incidents have proved without a doubt is that single-party supermajority rule is fertile ground for corruption, cronyism, and the same good ol’ boy politics North Dakotans have had to endure for a generation. We’re now also on the precipice of a federal government shutdown, Republicans in DC and ND have one thing in common: they can’t be trusted to handle their basic obligations to govern. Our state and our country deserve better, and the Democratic-NPL is ready to deliver that for all North Dakotans.”

Laura Dronen
Communications Director
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