State Sen. Tom Campbell can’t name a single accomplishment from six years in elected office

(BISMARCK, ND) – Appearing on a conservative talk radio program last week, State Sen. Tom Campbell was asked which accomplishments from his six years in elected office would make him qualified to serve in the U.S. Senate. He couldn’t even name one. (Audio at 28:30)
Responding to Campbell’s inability to name a single accomplishment after serving in three legislative sessions, Democratic-NPL executive director Scott McNeil said:
“Tom Campbell spent the beginning of the year bragging to the national media about how he will spend millions of dollars in his personal wealth to run for national political office. He even said he didn’t care what political office he ran for – U.S. House or Senate – as long as it got him to Washington, DC.  
“Now, Campbell is desperately running endless self-promoting TV commercials fourteen months before Election Day. It just reinforces the fact that he’s a wealthy state politician with the means and ego to try to buy his way into higher political office. On top of that, he can’t name a single accomplishment from his six years in elected office, which is all the evidence North Dakotans need to see how transparently self-serving Campbell really is. 
“If Tom Campbell can’t name one accomplishment from six years in Bismarck, why should North Dakotans give him six years in Washington D.C.?”
Host Rob Port: You have six years in the state legislature, basically a term and a half, you’ve been through three legislative sessions now, what would you point to as your accomplishments during that time that would commend you for service in the United States Senate?
State Sen. Tom Campbell: Well I believe without a doubt I’m a good listener. In my district I was one of the few Senators that spent time and published my cell number, brought the things that people like, showed conservative values. You know I supported less taxing, less government, so I guess I would reiterate some of those same values that I’m going to be bringing to Washington, same things that I’ve listened to in District 19, and now I’ve got basically 47 districts instead of one. I’ve gotten two of three issues a week where most of my colleagues probably got one or two or three issues a year. So I will be out there traveling, nobody will outwork me, 14-, 15-, 16-hour days are nothing new, I’ve done it in business all my life, so I would welcome any competition, or anybody that wants to follow in our Democracy on running against me…