Burgum’s Buyouts Show Effects of Financial Mismanagement, Misguided Cuts

Forced to do more with less, state agencies brace for another round of buyouts because of Burgum and the Republican supermajority’s poor stewardship

(BISMARCK, ND) — Following the announcement of more buyouts to meet Governor Doug Burgum’s deep and harmful budget goals, Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the Democratic-NPL, released the following statement:

“Starting this week, hundreds of North Dakota’s state employees will face a terrible choice of giving up their careers by taking a buyout or risk termination for continuing to do their jobs. Nonspecific, across-the-board cuts are no way to balance the budget, especially when the Governor is using the state’s air fleet like his personal chauffeur. Governor Burgum’s decision to pursue 5 to 10 percent budget cuts not only affects the lives of dedicated and experienced state workers, but it also puts the important services they provide in jeopardy.

Our state agencies, the people they employ, and the thousands of North Dakotans who depend on their services are under attack by a Governor whose misguided ideological crusade and mismanagement of state resources are rubber-stamped by a Republican supermajority in the legislature. That is no way to run an efficient, well-balanced government that puts North Dakotans first, it’s a recipe for buyouts, layoffs, and reduced access to vital programs.”