Bitter and Defensive, Cramer Lashes Out at Law Enforcement

(BISMARCK, ND) – Bitter, desperate, and defensive after Senator Heitkamp received a major endorsement from the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) – a group that previously endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2016 – Kevin Cramer has now stooped so low as to lash out at law enforcement and the brave men and women of the NBPC who are on the front lines every day keeping North Dakota communities safe.

Cramer’s comments were so misleading that one border patrol agent appeared to call into the same radio program on which Cramer was appearing to set the record straight.

“It’s disturbing and offensive that Kevin Cramer is lashing out at the brave men and women of the border patrol simply because they didn’t support his campaign – as law enforcement officers, they deserve better from our elected leaders,” said Courtney Rice, Press Secretary for the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “As North Dakota’s former Attorney General, Heidi has always had the backs of law enforcement and, unlike Cramer, she’d never talk down to them – but that’s what Cramer did today. With a tough record on border security, it’s no wonder Heidi’s earned the endorsement of so many law enforcement officers.”

After Kevin Cramer lashed out and attempted to discredit the NBPC – which endorsed Donald Trump for president in 2016 – as a “very aggressive labor union,” one passionate border patrol agent called into the program and took Cramer to task. Listen HERE and read highlights below:

  • “A lot of the officers up in Northern North Dakota are worried about port closures or port time reductions. As far as retention pay, I’ve never heard you respond to any part of having retention pay to try and keep officers in the area. They’re losing officers faster than we can hire them. At least Heidi has told us that she’s not going to let any port closures happen or reduction of hours.”

  • “The Republican plan is to reduce pensions, reduce pay, all that other fun stuff.”

  • “The proposal for 2019 is there’s a reduction in our benefits. Our health carebenefits will go up and our pensions are supposed to be cut and were re-figured so we pay more towards our pensions than the government does right now.”

  • “Well, we were told that the reason why two ports in Minnesota were closed is it’s easier to get those reduced than it would be in North Dakota with Senator Heitkamp.”