AUDIO: Cramer Again Holding Up Farm Bill To Score Points In Washington

LISTEN: Repeating his mistakes from 2014, Cramer is a broken record –stymieing critical Farm Bill negotiations with partisan politics

(BISMARCK, ND) – Kevin Cramer cemented his position as an out-of-touch politician this week, confessing that passage of the Farm Bill is being delayed in Congress by right-wing political provisions. You have to hear it to believe it – asked by a constituent about the bill, Cramer lamented that his party was being “held hostage” by American families struggling to put food on the table.


“Typical Cramer – always putting himself first, and his Washington spin on anything that might help his own political ambitions. His D.C. double-speak didn’t fool anyone when he held the Farm Bill hostage in 2014, and it’s not fooling North Dakota farmers now,” said Scott McNeil, Executive Director of North Dakota Dem-NPL. “We know what he’s gearing up to do – hold the most important legislation for North Dakota’s ag community hostage again over a political provision, and North Dakota farmers won’t stand for it.”

This is nothing new for Cramer, who was widely criticized by North Dakota’s media for threatening to upend the last Farm Bill in 2014. North Dakota’s farmers, already struggling to recover from last year’s drought, are being left out to dry by their lone vote in Congress. Traditionally the Farm Bill enjoys broad bipartisan support – but Cramer is too busy helping D.C. partisan politicians are play games – risking the Farm Bill’s passage to score points in an election year.

By stuffing the bill chock-full of partisan talking points, Cramer shows he’s happy to put the state’s agricultural economy at risk to please his party bosses in Washington. Make no mistake, Cramer is treating North Dakota’s farming community like a bargaining chip while asking struggling Americans to tighten their belts.