Armstrong and Cramer Quiet as Administration Allows Bounties on American Soldiers


BISMARCK, ND — Days have passed since news broke that the President’s administration knew Russia was paying the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers, and we have heard nothing from most of North Dakota’s congressional delegation. A recent report said that President Trump had been briefed as early as February. 

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Chairwoman Kylie Oversen said:

“We haven’t heard a word from Kelly Armstrong or Kevin Cramer since this news broke days ago. You don’t get to wave the flag and say you support the troops, then sit by when they’re being targeted by a foreign adversary. Their silence reveals either a disheartening lack of compassion for American soldiers or a complete lack of courage to stand up to their party. When Americans are in danger, we expect our leaders to take action and hold the bad actors accountable.”