Another Cramer Health Care Lie

(BISMARCK, ND) – It wouldn’t be a day that ends in ‘y’ if Kevin Cramer wasn’t spreading another falsehood about his health care record. During a filled-with-friendly faces town hall, open to the public only if you managed to find out its not-announced time and location, Cramer claimed that he supports coverage for pre-existing conditions and that, through CHAND – the state’s high-risk pool – there’s always been coverage for pre-existing conditions in North Dakota.

But CHAND, like every other health care policy Cramer supports, doesn’t offer the same protections as the current health care law. Don’t take it from us… From the Washington Post fact checker:

“CHAND, which charges premiums 35 percent higher than similar policies in North Dakota, has a 180-day waiting period for people with preexisting conditions and a $1 million lifetime cap on expenses. (There is no cap in the ACA.)”

Reminder: 52 percent of North Dakota voters say health care is very important when deciding their vote for U.S. Senate.

More on Cramer’s empty health care promises:

  • Cramer voted 65 times to repeal or undermine the current health care law, including five votes to repeal the law without a replacement. These votes could have increased health care costs and stripped away coverage, not to mention imposing an ‘Age tax’ on older North Dakotans.
  • Cramer supports an ill-advised partisan lawsuit that would gut vital patient protections that North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions rely on.